FRQNCY is an incredible new streaming experience that breaks through the screen and connects artist and fan.

Let the artist hear your claps and cheers

Video chat with friends with full-view of the show


A preview FRQNCY'S intuitive design and ground-breaking features. There's nothing else like it in livestreaming apps.


Let the artist hear you. We call it Qsound. It's our patent-pending technology that sends your claps & cheers to the venue. FRQNCY QSound


It was incredible to hear our fans. We loved it! FRQNCY was the best streaming experience we've had, by far.

Caleb & Reeb
Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms

Video chat with friends. Hang out with just your friends in a private room or text chat with everyone in public groups.

Video and text chat with your friends in private rooms.
FRQNCY Chat Panel
With view options, you can see the show—and your friends—just how you want to.

That's not all . . .

Amazing visuals & production

Fantastic sound

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